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It’s not enough to know the news. You need to trust the analysis.


It’s no secret that smart marketing decisions are key to a successful operation. At AgResource, we provide the news, research and analysis you need to be make informed decisions and increase profitability.

There is no crystal ball. No market prophets. Just accurate research and an unprecedented understanding of global agricultural markets. That’s why we are the world’s leading agricultural advisory and research firm over the last 20 years.

AgResource is unique. We aren’t brokers. We aren’t traders. Unlike other news or advisory services, everything we do is backed by our own research and partnerships with top experts from around the world. We tell you what’s happening, why it’s happening, what will happen and how to react. But nothing is binding – its your farm, we just help you get the most out of it.

Not a farmer? Not a problem. Our clients include: traders, fund managers, investment banks, governments, elevators, processors, millers, food companies, importers, exporters, meat packers – just about anyone in agribusiness and agricultural markets. AgResource members span the globe.

Agriculture is changing

To stay informed and get ahead these days, it takes a proven approach to market research and a deep understanding of global markets. We operate at the intersection of economics and agriculture, telling you what you need to know and how to react.

Markets move fast

And so do you. That’s why wherever our clients are they get analysis on breaking news right when it happens. In the office or in the field, we’ll keep you informed so you can make the right decisions – before it’s too late.

Actionable insights

Over the last few decades, AgResource has not only beaten out every other advisory service in the global grain and oilseed industry – we’ve won by a landslide. Put simply: if you follow our farm marketing/hedge positions, we put more money in your pocket than anyone else.

All agriculture is global

Our understanding of international markets is second to none. We travel the world and rely on trusted locals who know their markets best. So whether it’s political turmoil in the Black Sea, soybean production in Brazil or Chinese import projections, we’ve got you covered.

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