Limited Rain Risk Soybean and Corn Zones Ahead

Aug 29, 11:18 am | Climate Impact | Share this:

Download The Climate Impact Company Weekly Crop Progress Report

29aug17_week2p 29aug17_week3p29aug17_week4p

Pictured: Climate Impact Company week 2-4 precipitation anomaly forecasts across the U.S. are indicated.

The updated weekly crop progress report identifies U.S. corn and soybeans as an area generally not exposed to any significant wet weather in September. In the short-term the remnants of Harvey miss key crop areas just to the east. The medium-range forecasts maintain a dry and hot ridge pattern across the Western U.S. while the persistent trough is in the East-Central U.S. This pattern keeps the Great Plains mainly dry and cool. There is a low confidence forecast risk of wet weather extending from the Southwest U.S. Sep. 17-23 into the central and southern Great Plains. However, dry climate returns to the central Great Plains the last week of September.